Com o ano de 2023 a chegar ao fim, é natural que olhemos para trás, para as coisas que fizemos e para os passos que demos. E foi um bom ano! A casa da quinta está mais bonita do que nunca e o barracão está pronto para novos começos. Lançámos as bases de negócios que um dia florescerão como as plantas da horta. Os sonhos de transformar a terra em algo verde e vivo já não são apenas sonhos - estão a tornar-se reais, pouco a pouco.

O coração do nosso trabalho

But let me share something important with you. While all these things make us happy, there’s something bigger at the heart of it all. Eden Project isn’t just about the projects, the land or making an income. It’s about people. It’s about community.

Mais do que apenas projectos, terrenos e lucros

We put people first, and we do this through our projects, our work with the land and our businesses. These matters are tools we use to reach our true goal. We want the businesses we start to help people and the community—the real ‘profit’ we’re after is in serving our communty and helping people live better lives, not just in making money.

Cuidar do nosso ambiente

We also believe in looking after the environment around us, not just because it’s important to take care of the world we live in, but because it’s what makes and keeps a community healthy. As inhabitants, not as environmentalists, we’re meant to take good care of everything the world provides us with.

Uma mensagem de amor

But the most important thing we do is sharing our love for the people of and around Valenza. We have a heart for people, their community and we stand for change were this is necessary to improve lives, this is mainly why we’re here. We focus on creating strong relationships because that’s how we build strong communities. And when communities are built on proper moral teachings and principles, they do well—they thrive.

Prosperity In Sustainability

Real success, the kind that lasts and makes us free, comes from self-sustainability. It comes from being close to nature and standing strong in family values, which includes all of us, young to old, certainly not from money or other man-made riches. It is a mindset and a way of living as a result.

Começar de novo no ano novo

So, we’re starting this new year by reminding you and ourselves the basics, by remembering why Eden Project is here. We’re here for the people of Valenza and for all who wants to join us. And you can be too! You can apply this model wherever you are, by building relationships and sharing love just like we do.

As we’ve closed our first year of existence and by looking forward into this new year, I want to invite you to think about how you can connect more with the people around you. You don’t need a big project to start your own version of Eden Project. You can start right where you are, in your own way and place.

Junte-se a nós na comunhão

Espero que estejam tão entusiasmados como nós para continuarmos esta viagem juntos. Tenhamos um Ano Novo abençoado e mantenhamo-nos ligados, partilhando esta bela missão.

Thank you for being part of the Eden Project family. Let’s make 2024 a year of true growth and deeper connections—for our community and for our surroundings.

Feliz Ano Novo para todos vós! Vamos fazer deste um ano cheio de amor e comunidade.